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Important statement

Dear sir or madan

Hello !

This is TANGSHAN ZHIFU PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD . Best wishes to every one .

Recently there are some persons who are using our company information , including our company website , logo, email and telephone ,to contact peoples in America state or other country for collecting our outstanding debts

In order to not let anyone be cheated , hereby ,we make the important statement :

Name : Dr. Xing Cheng

Position :Recruitment Manager

The above person is not belong to our company , and he is not the representative of our company in any country . we do not have any representative in any county .

He has nothing to do with our company .


If you receive any call, email , fax from the above person or some others , please contact us personally to check the truth.

Our contact phone :0086-315-5311822

Thank you